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In its drive to spur more development and applications leading to enhanced designs and to further the professional development of sensing applications in Sports, Axelo is releasing its open Platform SDK to the benefit of researchers and professional developers. Axelo is dedicated to fully support research endeavors that would lead to the development of innovative applications in the field of Sports and the improvement of human performance in general.

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Universal Hub in a ultra small shell , 200MHz CPU, embedded IMU and high impact sensing unit, Class 1 Bluetooth / WIFI for long range metering, Low Energy Bluetooth BLE for body sensors, wireless power transmission, master for mouth guard, helmet unit, foots speed and more.Learn more

To enable efficient research and development efforts, Axelo is offering its HEXAFIT SDK bundled with a flexible interface that integrates well with MATLAB, Windows Visual Studio and Mac-based X-code user interface.

Axelo found in UTSA a valuable research partner with the right human and material resources enabling the field testing of the HEXAFIT concept and technology. In particular, Dr. Feng’s laboratory and his team are of great assistance for the testing of the HEXAFIT unit’s responsiveness and accuracy and will be lading the HEAXFIT system testing program with the UTSA Football team.