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Sometimes to take a major step forward, you have to completely change direction.

Backed by years of R&D in 3D motion-sensing applications, AXELO is proud to present HEXAFIT, a game changer for improved safety and performance in Sports. A joint effort by Axelo’s Engineering, Design and Data Management teams, HEXAFIT heralds a new Sports era where safety and performance are synonymous.

The new power structure.


Advanced alloy technology provides HEXAFIT with a light yet strong structure, able to seamlessly transmit impact and motion information. Ergonomical accessories are included to ease integration and wearability. An IP67- rated hermetic shell protects the central processing and sensing modules from sweat, water and dust.

Up to 40GB/s 3 hours operation
Built on 12 cores Parallel Processing


Endurance and performance characterize each HEXAFIT module with a battery lasting 3 full hours and three processing units able to handle intensive data processing as well as long/short range communication.

A unified thermal core.

Simplicity and compact hardware ensures a light, stable and upgradable unit with a software-based flexible functionality. Axelo is working with Academic partners to further the application of the technology in specific Sports-related areas. The HEXAFIT SDK is selectively available for research purposes.
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Down to 64GB with metalic case
Down to 2x 48 x 48 x 8


A compact footprint was the result of an extensive design process with stringent requirements. A fully integrated sensing capability, with short-range and long-range communications fits in a 48 x 48 x 8 mm. A durable Aluminum enclosure, 8 layers PCB and cutting edge electronics innovation is offered in a package weighing less than 30g.

A unified thermal core.

Universal communications protocols have been adapted to create an advanced communications backbone capable of accommodating HEXAFIT’s data throughput requirements. This further allows a universal modular expansion of the HEXAFIT system with a high nodal capability while maintaining communications consistency and security.

Up to 20Gb/s data transfer bandwidth
Up to 25x faster than FireWire 800
Daisy-chain up to 36 devices
Connect up to three 4K displays

 Thunderbolt 2.

HEXAFIT is the result of several years of research and development that generated an expanding patent portfolio. State-of-the art technology has been integrated to offer accurate motion sensing, real-time impact measurement and precise position tracking, Players positions can be tracked with a precision of +- 10 cm and impact levels over 250 Gs could still be measured.

Ultra Sensitive IMU 20Gb/s Covering ± 8g / ± 250°/s
High Impact Span 25x ± 400g in 3D in mesh net
Accurate Positioning 4K ± 10 cm, Active Triang.
Linear Speed and Acc 36 Online measurment

Thunderbolt 2.

Furthermore, the HEXA-SPOTS act as environmental sensors providing online values of the playground corners temperature, humidity, altitude in addition to the aduiance interaction and voice level measured through sensitive direcrtional microphones array.

Other I/O connections.

HEXAFIT Hub is natively packed with four communications protocols covering WIFI 802.11 for long-range communication and positioning, with an alternate module offers Class 1 long range Bluetooth communication. Low Energy Bluetooth 4.0 is also for short range communication with the peripheral sensors along with USB 2.0 as an optional data extraction port and service channel.




Radical. Yet completely logical.

In order to achieve the required rigidity and the Ingress of Protection of IP67, wired connection is made though a magnetic plug, easy to use and leading for an hermetic encapsulated design. The required robustness for an active module and the IP67 index is enabled by a user-friendly a magnetic plug that provides wired connection, leading to a hermetic and tight enclosure.

Radical. Yet completely logical.

An integral part of the HexaFit system, Mikros complements the capability of Hexafit's main Hub unit and readily connects with SPOCK. Sporting a slim profile and reduced footprint, Mikros' integrates seamlessly with existing helmets enabling the sensing of impact parameters including multi-variate accelerations. Mikros further enables sensing performance parameters at other body locations including at the hand and foot levels for advanced psycho-motor assessment. To account for individual players, Mikros can operate as a standalone unit with on-board data storage, for both safety and performance monitoring. Mikros ability to track impact parameters sustained by young players will make it a very useful tool for their Sports activities well into an eventual professional career. With Mikros, brain injury risk is quantified and continuously monitored to allow just-in-time preventive measures, thus improving safety and long-term performance.

Radical. Yet completely logical.