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Fast all-flash storage. Ready. Set. Done.

Fast all-flash storage. Ready. Set. Done.


  • Axelo Inc. is a technology company established in headquartered in Austin, Texas. Axelo is a leading developer of highly advanced sensing technologies. Having extensive expertise in 3-Dimensional (3D) Inertial Sensing Technology, Axelo holds related patented IP. Axelo Sensing Technology utilizes highly advanced sensing algorithms with integrated signal processing to optimize responsiveness and reliability. Axelo’s technology is robust, self-contained and seamlessly integrates with existing systems and technologies.


  • More than ever before, safety and performance in Sports are a major concern for players and parents, coaching staff and even fans. HEXAFIT’s wearable technology combined with its Big Data approach to Sports analytics enables real-time accurate tracking of player's performance and safety parameters thus allowing the optimization of teams dynamics and long-term team's performance.


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