Axelo’s commitment to improve safety and team performance in Sports is a constant drive and the company’s order-of-the-day. This dedication is embodied in HexaFit, our Sports solution for the reduction of TBI risk among athletes of all age and the optimization of performance, in team Sports.

Enabled by our company’s culture of innovation, we look at harnessing state-of-the art sensing and communications technology, Cloud storage and Big Data analytics, towards the goal of continuous improvement of performance and safety in Sports.

The Axelo team has been involved in active R&D related to 3D motion-sensing, navigation, wearables and all facets of advanced micro-electronics technology in general, since 2004. Consumer and industrial applications were developed including a solution for Spatial Disorientation and other motion imbalances, generating a growing patent portfolio.

Early on, the company attracted strategic investments with the Texas ETF program providing Axelo with its initial seed funding. More recently, our company’s vision and dedication to help reduce TBI risk in athletes was rewarded by a grant from Chase Bank. This generous gift has furthered the development of our technology towards a compact wearable device that connects wirelessly to hand-held communications platforms and secure Cloud storage.

The ruggedness and accuracy of our solution has been field tested in partnership with a major university and is now ready for production. We are integrating state-of-the art technology with proven ergonomics and a user-friendly graphical interface, to harness the power of technology at the disposal of parents, coaches and the individual athlete.

Our goal of giving parents the confidence and peace of mind regarding the safety of their young ones when playing Sports is coming to fruition. Children of all ages will be able to safely participate in Sports they love. They will also be able to benefit from the technology’s advanced tools to optimize their team’s long-term winning performance. Axelo’s Hexafit solution will help quantify and manage the risk of concussion, helping parents and coaches avoid the occurrence of traumatic injuries that could often lead to permanent brain damage.

In addition to its safety enhancing function, HexaFit will enable long-term performance improvement for teams, through the optimization of game strategy and in-game tactics, offering coaching team a powerful tool for sustainable winning performance. The technology is also a useful tool for the selection of athletes where their training discipline and long-term performance metrics are available to be reviewed by coaching teams. Axelo has designed a powerful yet cost-effective technology that could be tailored to specific requirements.

Axelo is excited to be part of a new era in Sports and is looking forward to actively participate in shaping a safe and dynamic Sports environment for the new generations. We are looking forward towards the days where our innovative solution is deployed across communities, throughout the United States, improving teams’ performance and the safety of individual athletes.