Axelo Inc. is a technology company established in headquartered in Austin, Texas. Axelo is a leading developer of highly advanced sensing technologies. Having extensive expertise in 3-Dimensional (3D) Inertial Sensing Technology, Axelo holds related patented IP. Axelo Sensing Technology utilizes highly advanced sensing algorithms with integrated signal processing to optimize responsiveness and reliability. Axelo’s technology is robust, self-contained and seamlessly integrates with existing systems and technologies.



Home Entertainment

Home Entertainment, specifically the ‘Video Gaming’ sector, is increasing and will remain strong into the foreseeable future. Presently, the game controller market represents annual revenues of $2 billion in U.S.currency. ADC's "Axelo BAT" game controller provides an upgraded and ‘one of a kind’ video gaming experience.This technology provides advanced interaction between gamers and controller. The gamer becomes the character and by ‘living the action’ the gamer actively interacts within the provided gaming environment. The ‘ultimate’ gaming experience results. Advanced features will allow gamers to use the controller across multiple platforms. Additional information available at

Flight Simulators

Most simulators available today are comprised of a keyboard, mouse and a two dimensional controller as an input. They are continuously being developed and updated to facilitate the training of civilian, medical and military personnel. They are programmed to teach concepts, decision making and can be used to provide medical training and to learn various diagnostic procedures. In contrast, the ADC 6-axis Natural Movement Controller System has been developed to provide superior responsiveness, simulation accuracy, positioning and reliability. These factors enhance and increase trainee learning and retention, while providing a ‘real’ learning atmosphere.


Axelo's R&D, engineering and experience utilizing sensory-motion hardware systems, has created patented technology yielding improved and miniaturized components. The sensory components can be readily embeddable into numerous products; existing and/or under-development. Our patented system yields high design flexibility, a high level of component sensitivity and greater 3D sensory precision than currently existing technologies. Due to the miniaturization of our sensory components, Axelo can embed (or unit encapsulate) sensory systems into a vast array of products across numerous markets. Additionally, our technology requires fewer needed components. Products requiring fewer components permit a lowered product cost-ratio. Products containing fewer parts also render fewer malfunctions and fewer malfunctions yield a higher product reliability rate.

Navigation Systems

ADC’s technology for highly accurate and robust inertial measurement units (IMU)s can be used in navigation and control applications in robotics, or in the autonomous control of unmanned vehicles. This technology is well suited for operator control applications that require navigation and control using a compact hand-operated positioning device. It can be used to reduce cost in vehicle assembly line and manufacturing. Our technology can be integrated into a specific design, making it adaptable to all vehicles.


Providing advanced integration of sensing devices with state-of-the- art signal processing, ADC technology creates innovative and highly functional technologies optimized amongst other for C4 and ISR : command, control, communication and computer and intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance (ISR) products. The self-contained technology allows multiple military-related applications: Unmanned Vehicles: Technology embedded in the navigation and control system for unmanned air, ground and sea vehicles in the form of an IMU (Inertial Measurement Unit). The integration of a matrix of sensors with a redundancy level will produce a nearly fail-proof system for the unmanned vehicles’ IMU system. As the core of an airborne or underwater IMU ( Inertial Measurement Unit), this technology can additionally be used with a rugged controller (functionally similar to a game controller), to control unmanned vehicles (and/or other robotics systems or subsystems) when not in automated mode. The combination of the technology embedded in a rugged controller with an unmanned helicopter, will drastically reduce the learning curve/time of new pilots and operators from the minimum of 40 hours down to a few hours, due to the faux but natural movement of the controller; synchronized with the helicopter's movement.


Sports-related concussions are recognized as a major public health concern. Concussions and their residual long-term effects have been, and are currently, the concern of numerous personnel associated with sports medicine, sports management, head-trauma researchers and from the athletes themselves. Many athletes are witnessing serious current and far-reaching debilitating health complications among their peers. Concussions are forcing early retirement of high-profile professional athletes creating an increased public awareness.

In early 2008, ADC launched Axelo Inc. Axelo Inc. is primarily on the ‘Home Entertainment’ market but also includes R&D. Having an engineering core, Axelo's Research & Development Team initiates and develops future products to be utilized throughout numerous and varied industry markets. AnaLogix Development Corporation and Axelo Inc. are technology-driven companies and are privately held. Our companies’ advanced movement detection technology provides innovative devices for the Home Entertainment, Simulation, Healthcare, Navigation & Control markets, as well as products/devices designed specifically for Military Applications.