" Hardware & RF Design, Embedded Sofware Developmennt,
Advanced RF & Antenna Design,
Security Design & Implementation."


NEUVATEK Inc. is proud for being an official design partner for NORDIC Semiconductor.

Nordic Design Partners are companies that have joined the Nordic Partner Program and are qualified to be listed on the Nordic website.

NEUVATEK Inc. was approved by NORDIC Semiconductor Norway and USA as an official Design Partner based on several years of successfull cooperation.

Through several year of cooperation, NEUVATEK succeeded in delivering smart solutions for several business sectors such as Pharmaceutical, Asset Tracking, Portoble Labs, Smart Locks, Automotive Systems, Force Feedback Gaming Platform, 4 Axis Motion Control, Camera Systems, LTE CAT-M1 Tracking Units, Healthcare, Medical, Baby Care, Sports and more....

Nordic Design Partners can offer at least one of the following core design services in relation to Nordic technologies:

Embedded Software Development:

Embedded software development on Nordic devices in conjunction with Wireless connectivity protocols provided by Nordic as part of its SDK or third-party protocols which run fully or partially on Nordic SoC.

Hardware and RF Design:

Hardware design and integration of Nordic hardware components into more complex electronic systems. It includes also simple RF and antenna design & integration (e.g. Bluetooth: PCB antenna, solderable antenna, uFL output; Cellular: solderable antenna, uFL output).

Advanced RF & Antenna Design:

Design services for complex RF and antenna solutions. E.g. Antenna Array design for AoA/AoD (Bluetooth 5.1), GPS antenna, advanced PCB antennas for cellular connectivity, etc...

Security Design and Implementation:

Design and implementation of security features to secure IoT applications. E.g. Root of Trust, encryption, signed DFU, encrypted DFU, keys/certificates management, secure provisioning/bonding and more.

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