Micro Electronics

20+ years of passion and innovation in the electronics technologies!
It is in NEUVATEK DNA and dedicated to serve our clients!


Aligned to the latest trends and needs for miniaturization, and based on the latest innovations in technology, NEUVATEK team has built a reputable experience in the development of microelectronic systems for the wearable sector, health care and military sector with its requirements of extreme temperature, vibration, insulation and EMC compatibility.

In the perspective of providing cost effective advanced solutions, NEUVATEK team accumulated considerable experience in different platforms, architectures and communication medium such as Microchip, Atmel, Intel, Xilinx, Silicon Labs, Texas Instruments, Nordic Semi, ST Electronics, TDK/AKM/Invensense, NVIDIA, HAMAMATSU, Freescale, Thales, Gemalto, and more ...

Our Capabilities

Our Team has an extensive experience in a several aspect of the electronics industry and work in coordination with our Technology Partner that we represent officially and since several years.

NEUVATEK Engineering teams serves several business sectors such as consumer electronics, wired and wireless communication, navigation, medical apparatus, laboratory equipments, health-care, telemedicine, pharmaceutical, assets tracking, home automation and more...

Technology Experience
Wireless Communication Cellular 2G (GSM TDMA/FDMA), 3G (CDMA), 4G LTE (OFDMA), IEEE 802.11 a/b/g/n/ac - WiFi 2.4 GHz, WiFi 5.0 GHz, Bluetooth, Bluetooth Low Energy 5.0/5.2, IEEE 802.15.4 2.4 GHz, ZigBee
Wired Communication USB 2.0, USB 3.0, USB 3.1 USB-C, Ethernet, PoE, RS-485, RS-422, RS-232, CAN, I2C, I2S, SPI, Firewire, KNX
IoT Communication LTE CAT M1, LTE NBIoT, LoRa, SigFox
Industrial Communication Industrial Etherent, PROFINET, PROFIBUS, MODBUS, CANBUS, EtherCAT, HART, DeviceNet, BACNET, LonWorks
CPU Architecture RISC, Advanced RISC ARM Cortex-A, ARM Cortex-R, ARM Cortex-Ethos, ARM Cortex-SecureCore, , ARM Cortex-Neoverse, MIPS, DSP
High Speed & Audio & Video Signaling TMDS, LVDS, S/PDIF
Motor Control DC, AC Synchronous and Asynchronous, Servomotors, Stepper Motor, Linear AC Motors, Linear DC Motors
PCB Capabilities Rigid PCB, Flex PCB, Rigid-flex PCB, High Frequency, Impedance Control, Up to 32 Layers,
Sensing Technology MEMES Accelerometers, Magnetometers, Gyroscopes, 9 Axis IMU, Temperature, Humidity, AMR, GMR, TMR, Chemical Impedance, 1D, 2D, 3D Camera, RADAR, LIDAR, SONAR, Flow, Pressure, Force
From R&D, PoC to MVP
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  • System Conception

In Electronic systems conception Neuvatek deals with multi-disciplinary design issues of complex electronic devices and systems. Our work covers a broad spectrum, from the design and development of an electronic system (new product development) to assuring its proper functionality, service life and disposal.

Results of 20+ Years of Experience
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  • Schematics Capture

The schematics capture is a preliminary step in the design cycle of electronic circuit. This task is accomplished interactively with the support of CAD system. During this phase our design team decides the required integrated circuits/components that should be used with their package choice. Being and MVP or DFM, careful package selection during schematic capture will save time during the assembly and debug process

Using the latest EDA.
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  • PCB Layout

Our PCBs are designed with dedicated software’s. Our Engineering team uses the best practice in order to dimension the PCB, position the required components, connectors and heat sinks. Other decisions would be to determine the required Layer stack of the PCB with one to tens of layers depending on complexity, line impedance, routing copper thickness, trace width, trace separation in case of differential signals. Microstrip, stripline or dual stripline can be used to route signals .

Where Electronics & Industrial Design Mate
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  • 3D PCB Solutions

Once a circuit has been designed, it must be verified that it fits industrial design. This is frequently a highly mathematical process and can involve large-scale computer simulations of the design. In any complicated design it is very likely that problems will be found at this stage and may involve a large amount of the design work be redone in order to fix these problems.

Reducing time to market. Considerably!
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  • Signal Integrity

The continual increase in device switching speeds is confronting engineers with signal integrity problems. Printed Circuit Board (PCB) traces can no longer be treated as a simple point-to-point connection. Traces need to be considered as transmission lines and impedance matching becomes necessary and required. By following good design practices and approaches, many potential signal integrity issues can be averted or mitigated.

Abiding and Exceeding the Standards.
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  • EMC Compatibility

Though our design process, our engineering team applies the best practice to compliance with national or international standards of EMC compatibility. Our designs comply with compulsory CE-Labeling. EU directive 2004/108/EC (previously 89/336/EEC) on EMC.

All in house.
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  • Antenna Design

A well-designed antenna ensures optimum operating distance of the wireless product. The more power it can transmit from the radio, the larger the distance it can cover for a given packet error rate (PER) and receiver sensitivity. Our team has a long experience in antenna layout guidelines, antenna-tuning procedure to get the widest range with a given amount of power..

For a longer device life time.
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  • Thermal Analysis

Thermal analysis is often used as a term for the study of heat transfer through PCB. Heat generated of electronic circuitry must be dissipated to prevent immediate failure and improve long term reliability. Our expertise in heat dissipation is mostly achieved by passive conduction/convection and radiation of heat energy. Means to achieve greater dissipation include heat sinks, fans for air cooling, and other forms of computer cooling such as water cooling. .

Combining the Virtual and the Reality!
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  • Simulation

We use Electro-Magnetic simulation to improve efficiency, ensure compatibility and guarantee performance in a complex and noisy EM environment. It is an extensive tool to solve a broad range of electromagnetic problems from static to low and high frequencies..

Our Technology Partners

NEUVATEK has a solid of official partnerships with several main players in our field. Below a general listing ...

NEUVATEK's MICROCHIP Authorized Design Partner

Austin Texas, USA

Since more then twenty years, NEUVATEK was proud to adopt MICROCHIP and associated brands such as ATMEL, MICROSEMI, ROVING Networks and more in the majority of its design to be entitled since 4 years as an Authorized Design Partner in several application fields such as consumer electronics, medical, healthcare and more...

Authorized Apple MFi Developer

NEUVATEK is an Authorized Apple MFi Developer.

Quectel Partnership

NEUVATEK proud of its recent partnership with Quectel.
Quectel is the leading global supplier of cellular and GNSS modules, with a broad product portfolio covering the most recent wireless technologies of 5G, LTE/LTE-A, NB-IoT/LTE-M, UMTS/HSPA(+), GSM/GPRS and GNSS. As a professional IoT technology developer and cellular module supplier, Quectel is able to provide one-stop services for IoT cellular modules. Quectel products have been widely applied in IoT/M2M fields including smart payment, telematics and transport, smart energy, smart cities, security, wireless gateways, industry, healthcare, agriculture, and environment monitoring.