Smart Investment in Virtual Reality

In the perspective of providing consistent product with shorter time to market, NEUVATEK simulation division offers wide range of services to cover complete electro-mechanical simulation environment. Using a combination of simulation connected platforms, such as MATLAB, Altium, Solidworks and internally developed systems, our clients are able to test their product in a consistent virtual reality environment taking into consideration the electronic circuit performance, control system coherence, for bug free firmware, thermal response and management, EMC Interference and compatibility, mechanical simulation, inertial reactions, housing compatibility, RF transmission, optical transmission and more.



  • Electronic simulation, radio transmission, optical performance and related response to the embedded automation system

  • Robotic Maneuvers Simulation, Mechanical performance simulation, inertial simulation, thermal responses and more offered


  • Covering the GUI, FPGAs, Microprocessors, Microcontrollers and other hybrid systems
3D Navigation for Smart Robotic Systems

NEUVATEK invest special efforts and focus on 3D acquisition, smart mapping and navigation as well as the related control system. Such systems based on logic programming as well as Neural Network and Fuzzy Logic. The simulation is extended to be a major part of the destined control system and serving wide range of use in Robots, MAVs, UAVs and pedestrians.

Hybrid Neural Network Based Control Systems are often implemented in our simulation environment and resulting control systems and providing adequate response to severe maneuvers in tough environments.