NEUVATEK is a technology firm, bringing tomorrow's innovations to our daily life needs. With more than twenty years of experience in the technology incarnation, NEUVATEK is seeking to participate in the creation of the future, driven by its passion for creativity. NEUVATEK team is committed to provide unique daring innovations in a simple context for a better life. NEUVATEK is considered as the development arm for AXELO, its sister company and together aiming to reform and create new trends for a better tomorrow.



Our History

Initially NEUVATEK was founded by three friends, Pierre TOUMA, Elias BACHAALANY and Imad MAALOUF as a development platform for their ideas to be transformed later on to a product development platform bureau serving professional companies seeking market positioning and differentiation.




Driven by our mission of bringing tomorrow’s innovations to our daily needs, NEUVATEK seniors focus on adopting the latest technologies and researches through a unique and neat approach to incarnate our client ideas into refined reality with major improvements in the original concept. NEUVATEK expertise covers conception, I. Design, micro-electronics, embedded programming and human to machine interfaces. Prototyping is totally handled in house and covers the 3D printing, miniature CNC machining, PCB assembly, programming and packaging. In addition, and through the internal partnership in the states, Germany, France, Taiwan and China, NEUVATEK Production BU support its clients in the mass production testing and quality control.

Our Solutions

  • Product Design

    I. Design from conception toward 3D Modeling and production through a simple and neat style.

  • Embedded Systems

    Unique compilation of vertical and horizontal technologies.

Our Board Members

  • Pierre A. TOUMA

B.Eng., M. Eng., Master Technology Innovation Management
CEO of AXELO Inc. / AnalogiX Development Corporation

    President Design - Technology

B.Eng. Telecommunication & Electronics
CEO AutomatiX Group

  • Imad M. MAALOUF
    President R&D - Engineering

B.Eng. Telecomunication & Electronics, M.Sc Industrial Advanced Control
GM of AutomatiX Group