Right from the early blur concpets

NEUVATEK Developers assist our clients to conceive their ideas starting by the early stages and work on elaborating those ideas into consistent concept. NEUVATEK team strives to shape this premature concept toward rugged model fulfilling tomorrow's need. It is by removing impurities and refusing several redundant ideas that the final ideal is modeled and ready for prototyping and development.

  • conception


  • From the early stages of blur ideas toward the definition of the base concept.
  • Support in Patent Development

  • NEUVATEK team with its affiliated legal advisor supports our clients in the development of registration of patents in the US and abroad.
  • Ready for Development


  • Internet this the first true generator on the Internet uses words, combined with a handful model sentence structures.
20+ Years of product conception and development offered to our partners

Because we believe in partnership with our clients, our experienced team handles each project in a high level of ownership and deploys its creativity and long experience.

In addition, and taking into consideration the high level of confidentiality governing our projects and centralizing our values, NEUVATEK Management guarantees a secure data exchange.