ID & 3D Modeling

CRAFTED to meet ultimate creativity

NEUVATEK design team of I. Designers, artists, engineers and materials scientists deploy their knowledge in crafting our client products in smart, ergonomic, ecofriendly way. From the basic concept, toward prototyping and mass production, NEUVATEK team is always present to support our clients to incarnate the final product as conceived or even better. Our team focus on the simplicity, elegance, and ease of operation for the sake of offering unique products, differentiated in design and spirit.

  • ID

  • Creative Industrial Design with a team of talented artists and engineers and using the latest software, 3D input devices, scanners and VR environment
  • Prototyping

  • Aiming to test and feel the end product several prototyping services are offered starting by 3D printing using several types of materials, to Micro CNC Machining, Vacuum Molding...
  • mass production

  • From mold design toward material selection and mass production planning. Either in USA or in China, we offer the required assistance and quality controls
Right Tools for sharper results

NEUVATEK invest in acquiring always the latest development tools. From Solidworks to Inventor, Altium 3D PCB Designer, 3D Max and more...

In addition to the I. Design, our marketing business unit supports our clients in the development of the required marketing materials from V-Ray high resolution rendered views, toward 3D Max movies, vector illustration, logo design related components.